Parent Review – Gregory

“Gregory (aka J. Conner) Is beyond thrilled to be on the chess team! He started playing chess with his younger brother Colin in kindergarten after watching a movie in which the opening sequence to the film showed two characters playing chess. Naturally, he was curious about how the game was played, so he asked me to teach him. However, not knowing that much about the game myself, like most parents who are tech savvy, I decided to google it!
Since then, as a Royal Panther he’s competed and won top trophies at the local and national level. He is passionate about chess and plays at the highest possible level every time he competes. Chess has been a major catalyst that has enhanced Gregory’s emotional, social and psychological growth and development! Most notable to me are the valuable life lessons that have carried over into other areas of his life. He learned to be tactical and strategic, to never give up, to always put forth his best effort, and whatever the difficulty the best move is always on the board waiting to be discovered!   
Needless to say, Gregory has earned many achievements playing competitive chess, but if you were to ask him what he enjoyed the most, besides WINNING, he would tell you it’s his teammates and the wonderful friends he’s made along the way!” – J. Gregory, Sr.