Parent Review – Jack

“Jack was first introduced to chess through 282’s in-class instruction and pretty soon was teaching me at home how to play (since my knowledge ended with how each piece moved). After seeing a video about the talented Royal Panthers chess team during one of our movie night fundraisers, he was obsessed with joining up. Under Mr. Colding’s direction, he really blossomed and was doing so well, that Mr. Colding suggested we take him to Super Nationals in Tennessee – which would be his first rated tournament (and only his second tournament ever). He surprised us all by winning three games out of seven against some of the toughest competition. To say that Jack loves chess is an understatement. He talks about it constantly, practices all the time and even uses his own money to buy chess books. I’ve even seen him get up early on weekends to watch chess instructional videos on his iPad. It’s wonderful to see something catch his imagination and interest like this, and I know that Jack’s school experience would be greatly diminished if it weren’t for the relationships, the friendships and the guidance he’s gotten from his chess coaches, the parents and the other students on the team. It’s an amazing, supportive and terrific group. Jack says that the chess team has not only helped him get better at the game, but has taught him strategy and planning techniques that will work well for him in anything he decides to do going forward.” – Brooks