Parent Review – Marcus

“Marcus came to PS282 for the third grade after attending a neighborhood school with friends he had known from the days before preschool when he toddled around local playgrounds.  Joining the chess team helped him make friends and fit into the new school.  Playing competitive chess with the Royal Panthers improved Marcus’s focus and concentration and gave him goals to aspire to for himself and the team.  When I saw Marcus’s dedication to chess and how quickly he grew as a chess player under Mr. Colding’s tutelage, we knew it was something we wanted to continue in middle school.  I started looking at the middle school score boards at the tournaments to identify which schools had strong teams that might be a good fit.  Through going to tournaments with the Royal Panthers and talking to coaches, I discovered a new, small school with a highly competitive entrance requirements and an excellent chess team.  Marcus toured the school and ranked it his first choice. Marcus’s success with chess helped him stand out as a candidate for every school to which he applied, and he was fortunate to be admitted to his first choice.” – WendyMarcus