Parent Review – Robert

“Robert has been on the Royal Panthers Chess Team at PS 282 for 3 years. Every moment that he’s been on the team has been memorable and rewarding. Every tournament he competed in has taught him valuable lessons in chess and in life.

 As a Royal Panther, he’s learned to work with his peers as a team member and has developed many long-lasting friendships. He’s attained his personal goals to increase his chess skill and ranking every year. He’s learned never to give up and to be persistent and vigilant in his goals. He’s learned the meaning of hard-work and dedication. He’s learned that you may not always walk away a winner in every tournament, but under the direction of the amazing chess coaches and their guidance, he’s learned how to put forth his best effort.

 His participation on the championship chess team at PS/MS 282 has enabled him to be accepted to one of the top middle schools in the country because they realize that children who play chess possess important qualities that they are looking for, patience, tenacity, and the willingness to learn hard, work hard and play hard in every endeavor.”  – Roben

IMG_4375Robert with Marcus at 2013 USCF K-12 Championship (Orlando, FL)