Team Policies

Welcome to the Royal Panthers Chess Club!

The Royal Panther Chess Team is a scholastic chess club for the students of PS/MS 282 “The Park Slope School”. Our club is open to grades (K-8), all skill levels.


Mission Statement:

The Royal Panthers Chess Club uses chess to promote academic excellence by exposing children to the culture, challenges, and community of chess.


Club Activities

Our club activities include:

1) Casual chess games.

2) Beginner and Intermediate level instruction.

3) Club “ladder” competition and rating.

4) Participation in local, statewide and National Tournaments.

5) In-School Chess tournaments

6) Fund raising events

7) Public Service events

Student Code of Behavior

1) I will show proper respect to all other players, coaches, parents, tournament officials, and any person in authority at club meetings or at a tournament site.

2) I will show proper respect for all club and tournament equipment.

3) I will show proper respect for my club by making sure all equipment and materials are put away, and our meeting room is completely clean before leaving club.

4) I will shake hands at the beginning of each game and at the end of each game.

5) I will exhibit good sportsmanship during the duration of all club events and


6) I will be responsible for improving my play. I will take advantage of the opportunities provided by my parents, coaches, sponsors and tournament officials.

7) I will know the rules of chess and follow them. I will know and follow special tournament rules.

8) I will maintain exemplary behavior while at our club and at the tournament hall.

9) I will maintain the highest standards of language.

10) I will be responsible for my own actions and the actions of others if I see them doing wrong.

11) I will attend at least 2 tournaments a month, unless excused by the head coach.

12) I will be responsible to do my chess homework assigned by my chess coach or instructor.

13) I will have fun!


Parent Responsibilities

Parents must set up, volunteer for and staff the following committees:

1) Fund-raising– responsibilities include raising fund for the Panthers travel, team and tournament expenses

2) Communications– To make sure that the parents, teachers and administrators are well informed about all aspects of the Panthers team.

3) Snacks– Responsible for the children’s snacks both after-school and traveling away.

4) Tournaments– responsible for setting up. Travel and all logistics involved with the Royal Panthers playing in chess tournaments.

5) Promotions– to alert the public and media of our children’s accomplishments

6) Chess Club Backup-Helping the chess coaches in school and at tournaments

7) Public Service committee– To set up safe events that will give our children a chance to give back to the community

Every parent must accept some responsibility and must serve on at least one committee.

Have someone available on the emergency contact numbers during club hours in case a student who is expected to attend fails to check in.

Pick up students on time.

Notify your team manager by 2PM if your child will be absent from chess club that day.  This is true even if your child has been absent from school – we do not automatically have access to school records.

If a behavioral problem persists, the parent(s) are responsible for handling this by either attending Chess Club meetings with the child or removing the child from Chess Club.

Check your child’s homework if any.

Bring or arrange for your child to attend tournaments.


Guidelines for Parents

1. Understand and play by the rules

Understanding and playing by the rules is your responsibility. The rules of Chess, as set out by the USCF, exist for good reasons and if everyone learns and abides by them then this will ensure the enjoyment of all people involved in Chess.

2. Respect referees and other officials

Referees and officials have a difficult task to perform and you could not play the game without them. They are there to enforce the rules of play but, like all people, they cannot always be right. Accept their decisions graciously. You have the right to appeal their decisions and if you use this right, do so without causing problems. Abuse of referees is unacceptable behavior. You must accept the decision of the players appeal committee failure to do so will be seen as a serious breach of this code of conduct.

3. Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse of officials is a serious offence against the rules of Chess. Verbally abusing other players or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is also not acceptable.

Loss of temper is not only unpleasant for other participants in the game; it can also distract you and have an adverse effect on your child’s concentration and effectiveness at the board.

4. Be a good sport

Part of participation in sport is respect for all participants in the game. Everyone is entitled to proper courtesy. Good manners and respect for others can be infectious.

5. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person

Regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background, religion or other factor irrelevant to the game, all persons connected with Chess are entitled to equal treatment and respect.

Avoid any remarks that could be construed as offensive or discriminatory. Sometimes even a joke may give offence.

6. We owe a special duty of care to Children in Chess

We are all role models and children emulate our actions.