Brooklyn kindergarten teacher Nicole Lopez of P.S. 282 received a $10,000 award for being an inspirational teacher as part of the San Diego-based National University System-Sanford Teacher Award campaign, congratulated by National University System Chancellor Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, Principal Rashan Hoke, Long Island University President Dr. Kimberly Cline, and Assistant Principal Katerina Sidbury. The competition, which concludes Nov. 1 2018, is recognizing more than fifty inspiring teachers around the country with awards of up to $50,000.

Our Star Teacher!

Congrats to our kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lopez, one of five teachers nationwide to be recognized by the nonprofit National University system for inspiring and engaging with her students through the social and emotional approaches of the Sanford Harmony Program used at PS 282!!

“My kids inspire me everyday to come in and do a better job for them because they’re our future,” Lopez told News 12.

Her class was also treated to a real-life visit by “Z” a storybook character from the Sanford Harmony program that helps teach kids empathy and understanding.

Mrs. Lopez hopes to donate back some of her $10,000 award to the school for more books.

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