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classPS 282 has long been known for its excellent Gifted and Talented (G&T) program, which attracts students from all over District 13. Students must place into the G&T program through taking the Department of Education test. (see below for links and details.) In terms of school selection, G&T scores will come out after zone/district school selection. Students who become eligible for G&T will be placed in a lottery for G&T programs and if they are selected the new choice will be selected.

What makes G&T different? G&T classes have the same curriculum as general education (e.g. Teacher’s college for English Language Arts, Go Math with Exemplars for Math) but 282’s G&T teachers have experience in assessing students so that they can go deeper or faster though material as required. G&T classes also have a range of ability and our teachers are experienced in differentiating them so that students may be grouped with others working on similar level material. For instance, some Kindergarten students may start school still working on letter sounds while others have some reading ability. A G&T teacher will form learning clusters so that students can work together – but math and ELA clusters may be different.  Many G&T students will end working on material a grade level or more at the end of a school year.

Given student and teacher interests, our G&T classes may go deeper into grade level material and are known for classroom innovation. For instance, our G&T teachers also premiered the introduction of the Independent Investigative Method at 282, which will be implemented school-wide in 2016/17.

PS/MS 282 has one G&T class per grade with no distinction from other grade level classes outside the classroom, so that our G&T classes have Gym, arts, field trips with other classes and form friendships and relationships with peers across the school. Parents interested in G&T for their child should take a 282 school tour, but there will also be a dedicated school tour after scores come out in late spring.

We also run a dedicated 282 G&T email list serve for parents to discuss issues around G&T at our school

Testing for G&T

The NYC DOE website for G&T is here: http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/GiftedandTalented/

Families may submit a Request for Testing form in person or at an Enrollment Office or public school beginning in early fall (usually October).

For more information regarding the RFT process as well as the G&T process overall please review the G&T Handbooks. You may also subscribe DOE email alerts to ensure you receive the latest information as soon as it is available.