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Started just a few years ago, PS/MS 282 has become one of District 13’s leading middle schools, including an Honors track from 6-8 for high achieving students. The challenge of starting a new school also presents a great opportunity to focus programs and instructions on the needs of the children and community.  For Middle School, MS 282’s learning priorities are: (1) a deep focus on student engagement and school climate, (2) more comprehensive support for special education and team teaching, and (3) investing in our renewed Honors program.

Our focus is giving every student the best opportunity to move on to high school.  Middle school is a critical period, when children are growing into young adults, changing physically and emotionally, becoming more independent. It’s also a time to challenge them and engage them using their own interests, something MS 282 is doing through starting student-directed clubs and time set aside each week for club activities.

Academically, we believe our 6th grade class is the best representative of MS 282’s new approach on instruction and new curriculum. We are one of the academic leaders in District 13.

PS 282 ranked in top 3 Middle Schools for District 13
NYS Common Core test scores by D13 Middle School, 2016

RankELA (6th grade)Math(6th grade)Overall average (K-8)
1P.S. 008 Robert FultonAcademy of Arts and LettersP.S. 008 Robert Fulton
2Academy of Arts and LettersP.S. 282 PARK SLOPEAcademy of Arts and Letters
3P.S. 282 PARK SLOPEP.S. 008 Robert FultonP.S. 282 PARK SLOPE



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