Our approach

The 282 approach relies on three key elements: inspiring and educational experiences, a strong academic curriculum, and meaningful and supportive relationships.

This approach teaches kids not just subjects like Math, English and Science, but how to learn and creates a passion for learning. Because every child learns differently and is inspired by different interests, we seek to combine rigorous academic curriculum with experiential learning that gives students a real-world view of the core subjects and motivates them to learn more.

What does that mean in real-world terms? It means that by the end of their time at 282 every student will be exposed to the best teaching and receive an education that prepares them for an academically challenging next step, she will complete a rigorous in-depth research project on a topic of her own choosing, will eat a meal he planted himself in our learning garden, will know how to win at chess, will have the opportunity to play on a championship sports team, will learn the fundamentals of computer coding, act in a public theater performance, learn how to play an instrument and form warm and lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

We believe the ultimate driver of great learning is great classrooms. While we see test scores as baselines for some types of progress, they don’t provide feedback necessary to improve a child, class or school. That’s why wo don’t focus on improving standardized test scores; we are focused on evaluating classroom environments that support lifelong learning. We measure and work towards what we see as the highest standard of learning:  peer-to peer learning. When students are teaching and working with each other, with the teacher as a guide, we know amazing things are happening in our classrooms and children’s minds. 282 supports teacher professional development and curriculum that are geared towards this learning approach.

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