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Park Slope School 282 bases its approach to literacy on the Teachers College Reading Writing Project. A framework which supports the selection of texts that meet the needs of our highest level readers, readers who read below grade level based on assessments and small group and individual conferences done in the classroom. Teachers College work with readers begins with a commitment to giving students ample amounts of time to read books of their own choosing and that they can read with fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

Mountains of data confirm that in order for students to progress as readers and writers, they must have abundant time to read and write. Our work with writers begins with a commitment to structuring schools so that students have time to write. Students work as professional authors do, cycling through the stages of the writing process and receiving feedback that is essential to growth.

During the writing workshop, students are invited to live, work and learn as writers. They observe their lives and the world around them while collecting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. We engage in this work with Teachers College in order to support the vision of creating habits that will sustain our students as lifelong readers and writers.