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Mission & Goals:

The mission of the Park Slope School-PS/MS 282 Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. (PTO) is to support students, families, and the school in creating and maintaining a warm and welcoming environment that will value high academic achievement, parental involvement, a culture of caring teachers, and that benefits from its diverse community.

To this end, our goals as taken from the PTO Bylaws are as follows:

  1. To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children.
  2. To promote and help develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents, teachers and staff of our school.
  3. To develop parent leadership and create opportunities for greater involvement.
  4. To foster and encourage parent and teacher participation on all levels.
  5. To provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making.

If we’re to realize these goals, the PTO Executive Board will concentrate on the following areas.

Parent Involvement & Communication:

The 282 PTO seeks to increase parental involvement in our activities through meaningful and timely engagement. As all 282 parents and guardians are members of the PTO, a culture of service to the school through the PTO will be developed.

  • Encourage enhanced participation, inclusiveness and parent empowerment through better communication via regular correspondence, email newsletters, website, social media, phone calls, and other collateral material.
  • Strengthen the timeliness and effectiveness of communication between and among the PTO and its committees, the School Leadership Team, school administration, teachers, and parents.
  • Establish 282 as an asset to the local community through regular outreach to potential families, the broader local community, the DOE, other District 13 schools, the local media and our elected representatives.


Increase the funds generated by the PTO for use in supporting our children, parents, and school.

  • Continually develop our fundraising activities to provide the funds for our enrichments and other activities.
  • Refine existing fundraising events and initiatives, to increase their adoption, efficiency and success.
  • Identify private and corporate donors and enhancement of our grant-writing activities.
  • Engage the local community, merchants, and visitors to our community in supporting 282 enrichment activities.

PTO Sustainability:

To strengthen the internal structure and processes within the PTO to ensure the sound continuity of operations from year-to-year and for the benefit of future PTO members.

  • We will do this by developing sound operational procedures and processes with the goal of sustaining the PTO for future parents of 282 children.
  • These procedures and processes must be documented and adhered to with the expectation that future PTO’s will build upon the established foundation.
  • Create a “playbook” which will be followed for conducting events in support of the PTO’s strategic goals.
  • Create an environment which will allow the PTO to confidently delegate tasks to Parent Volunteers.

Chancellor’s Regs- A660


282-PTO-Bylaws – Last Updated May 16 2018

Minutes & Financial Reports


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