PTO General Meeting – April

PTO General Meeting – April


It’s no secret, 282 PTO needs you. We’ve said it nicely, we’ve tried to catch your eye, we’ve swiped right, but there are a lot of faces we’re missing.

The next PTO meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, 4/18 at 6PM in the auditorium. Please come. All our meetings are important, but tomorrow’s is definitely one that you will wish you had attended if you miss it. We’re going to be making decisions about enrichment funding for next school year that will affect every student in the building. Surely you have opinions about arts, tech, science, and other academic enrichments for our kids. We need to hear those opinions even if this will be the first PTO meeting you’ve ever come to at 282. It’s never too late and we really do need (and WANT!) you. Our student population is dramatically larger than the number of family members at PTO meetings and it’s hard to listen to all perspectives if they’re not being shared. Please help us make well-rounded decisions informed by our whole community.

We are also going to be forming a nominating committee for the upcoming PTO election that will be held May 16. If you’d like to run for an office for the next school year or want to nominate someone who should run we want to hear from you.

Bonus round: after the PTO meeting a bunch of us are going to Los Nopales just down on 5th Ave for drinks. So, come?

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