Recess and Lunch Helpers

Recess and Lunch Helpers

Can you volunteer to help out at recess and lunch? PS 282 needs you! A group of volunteer parents, working in collaboration with A.I. Principal Ms. Sidbury, school aides and the PTO, are recruiting other parents who can come from 11am-12pm during the critical K-3 lunch and recess time to lend a hand.

Did you know that PS 282 currently only has one dedicated staff member to watch an entire lunchroom, and one for the whole playground? Each area with about 150 kids at a time?

We need parents who can start at least one activity on the playground and keep an eye on things. It can be running a soccer game, teaching jump rope, getting chalk going, hula hoop, or whatever is fun! Recess supports physical activity, social-emotional growth, and even test scores, but it’s more effective with a little structure.

You can be a literal game changer!

Lunch is another critical time, but it can be hard for just a handful of staff, paras, and what the administration can chip in, to take care of a room of hungry kids, make sure everyone is eating and no one is getting into scrapes. 

Just an extra person to zip up coats, sweep trash, and zip up coats would go so far to help our kids and hard-working staff!

Commit to one day or several, it’s totally flexible. Thank you for what you can contribute!

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